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φωτ.: Lorenzo Castore

φωτ.: Lorenzo Castore


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Clara Chichin

“Clara Chichin  draws the outlines of an autofiction filled with the issue of the disappearance, finding here exactly to express herself through photography, medium, if it is, of the trace, of ” the runaway image “. Her pictures decline and spread her self  in forms as various as edition, video or projection, raising consequently of the editing and the assembly of  an iconographic material constituted over time, a putting in sequence  from where seems  able to appear the possibility of a fiction.”
Raphael Brunel

Lorenzo Castore

Born in Florence in 1973, Lorenzo Castore studied photography in Rome after returning from a stay in New York. He won the Mario Giacomelli Price in 2003 and the Leica European Publisher Award in 2005. In addition to published two books, “Nero” and “Paradiso,” Castore’s works are exhibited in Rome, Milan, Crocovia and Paris.

Damien Daufresne

Born in Paris in 1979, studying in Paris and New-York.
Painter and Photographer.
Traversal work between Photography, Drawing and Engraving.
He works with different Galleries (represented in Paris by Gallerie Guigon) and Editors, especially Fata-Morgana.
Lives between Paris and Berlin.

«This series of photographs is a montage, a weaving, a tissue made of different colored and textured thread, unwinded for several years and wovened one with another. Each photograph is a wire, a piece of tissue. This tapestry is like a sentence that is written every day and crossed out or erased every night.
To write doesn’t mean to describe.
There is only the negative to do, the positive is given, said Kafka.”
 Klavdij Sluban

Winner of the Niépce Prize (2000) and of the Leica Prize (2004), Klavdij Sluban is a French photographer of Slovenian origin based in Paris. Now aged 42, he continues the development of his rigorous and coherent body of work. Sluban learnt the subtleties of black & white printing under the guidance of Georges Fèvre. Although he held a Masters’ degree in Anglo-American literature, little by little, he gave up teaching to commit wholly to photography. Never inspired by immediate and sensational current affairs, Sluban’s numerous photography trips are permeated with literary references ­ for example, Beckett, Milton. The Black Sea, the Caribbean, the Balkans, and Russia can be read as many successive steps of an in-depth study of a patient proximity to the encountered real. His deep blacks and backlit silhouettes convey to his photographic style uprightness and accuracy free of didacticism or exoticism. In 1997, his work Balkans Transits, which he published with François Maspero, was awarded the RFI (International French Radio) prize. Since 1995, when not abroad, Sluban has run photography workshops with young offenders in prison. First originated in France, in the prison of Fleury-Mérogis with support from Henri Cartier Bresson, Marc Riboud and William Klein, this commitment was pursued in the disciplinary camps and prisons of Eastern Europe – Ukraine, Georgia, Moldavia, and Latvia ­ and in the disciplinary centres of Moscow and St Petersburg.

Gabrielle Duplantier

Born in 1978. Gabrielle Duplantier studied painting and art history at the university of Bordeaux. Fotografy was a hobby on the side. After her university studies, she decided to dedicade herself to fotography and she went to Paris where she worked as an assistant for several fotographers But she felt the need to come back home, inspired by the rich and enigmatic basque country, she started a series of fotographs where more or less familiar individuals are lost in interminable spaces, at the same time she persued her work on female portrait, one of her favorite subjects, an ideal way to explore intimacy and ineffable. This series are continuous and interrelated.


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